Exilon Sand Filter

Comprehensive Whole-House Filtration for Borewell and OpenwellWater: Eliminating Dirt and Dust.

Exilon Whole-House Sand Filter

Say goodbye to traditional methods of tackling water turbidity. Embrace the Exilon Sand Filter, a comprehensive whole-house solution designed to eliminate physical impurities, turbidity, and sand particles from your water supply. This system operates without the need for electricity, making it an efficient and eco-friendly choice. Ideal for installation prior to a whole-house softener, the Exilon Sand Filter boasts minimal maintenance costs and is perfectly tailored for purifying tap water or municipal corporation water supply.

Common Questions

Yes, it is crucial to assess the water's turbidity content through a lab test. This ensures the design of a suitable sand filter tailored to address specific issues in your home's water quality.

Our assessment involves evaluating factors such as water usage, flow rates, and the specific impurities present in your water. This comprehensive analysis allows us to recommend a system size tailored to meet the unique needs of your home, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Regular backwashing, as advised by us, is essential for clearing accumulated impurities, ensuring the proper functioning and prolonged life of the sand filter. This maintenance task can be easily performed by the user.

Yes, we offer Bajaj Finserv and Creditcard EMI options for eligible customers, providing a convenient and flexible payment solution for acquiring our sand filters.

Take the first step toward pristine water for your home.

Experience clarity, purity, and efficiency like never before.
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