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Harmful Effects Of Impure, Contaminated And Hard Water In Homes

Common Water Issues


Muddy Water Stains On Wash Basin

Problem due to high turbid water


Non Removable Yellow Stains In Wash Basins And Tiles

Problem due to the high iron content in water


White Stains And Deposits On Bathroom Tiles

Problem due to the high presence of calcium or magnesium in the water as hardness or alkalinity


White Stain Deposited On Pipe Fittings

Problem due to the high presence of calcium or magnesium in the water as hardness or alkalinity


White Stain Deposited On Kitchen Utensils

Problem due to the high presence of calcium or magnesium in the water as hardness or alkalinity


Unnatural Hair Loss

Problem due to the high presence of calcium or magnesium in the water as hardness or alkalinity

Effective Solutions For Clean, Safe and Great-Tasting Water In Your Home

Water Treatment Solutions


Sediment Filter

Removes solid particles such as dirt, sand and rust from water


Activated Carbon Filter

Removes contaminants such as chlorine and pesticides from water


Water Softener

Removes hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium from water 


Iron Remover

Removes dissolved iron, manganese and other heavy metals from water

Common Questions

Answering Your Doubts Regarding Water Filtration Systems

There are various types of water filtration and treatment solutions such as sediment filters, activated carbon filters, water softeners and iron removal filters.

Water filtration systems can remove impurities such as sediment, dirt, and chemicals from your water, resulting in cleaner, pure, and better-tasting water. It can also help to reduce the buildup of stains, scale, and mineral deposits in your pipes, bathroom tiles and ceramics, appliances and kitchen utensils.

Some signs that you may need a water filtration system include discoloured or foul-tasting water, staining on fixtures or appliances, the buildup of scale or mineral deposits, and frequent clogging of pipes.

The whole home water filtration and treatment system that is best for borewell or openwell water will vary depending on the specific contaminants present in the water source. It is crucial to have the water tested to identify the specific contaminants before choosing an appropriate filtration system. A sediment filter is essential for removing dirt and other solid particles from the water source. Depending on the level of iron or hardness in the water, an iron removal filter or water softener may also be necessary for effective filtration and treatment.

Exilon Solutions first conducts a visit to your home to evaluate the quality of your water and assess the feasibility of installing a filtration system. We then take a lab test of your water to determine the specific contaminants present. Based on the results of the lab test and our assessment, we design and install a custom filtration and treatment system that is tailored to address your specific water-related issues and provide the best solution for your home.

The primary maintenance for a water filtration system involves regular backwashing, which is the process of flushing out impurities that have accumulated within the system. This can easily be performed by the user themselves. For water softeners, regeneration with salt water is also required periodically, which can be done by the customer. At Exilon, we provide comprehensive education and demonstration of these maintenance tasks to our customers after installation of the system to ensure they are able to properly maintain the system.

We are primarily located in Palakkad and serve Palakkad and nearby districts. Our service area may vary, so please contact us to confirm if we can service your specific location.

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Reliable, passionate and experienced people. They understand and detect our problems and give better solutions for us. Their approach is straight forward. A big thumbs up for exilon.
Shabeer S A
Chrome UV+UF+Copper water purifier installed by Exilon Solutions team. Suitable for low TDS malampuzha water. They have wide range of water purifiers. Expert advice provided for........
Shijin TK
We have done thorough study on the product and done price and quality comparison. They are experts in the field of water filtration. Friendly behaviour. Satisfied with exilon solutions.
Mohammee Afsal

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