Exilon Iron Removal Filter

Experience the Freedom from Yellowish Iron Stains and Unpleasant Odors in Your Water with Our Effective Whole-House Filter

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Exilon Whole-House Iron Removal Filter

Exilon’s Iron Removal Filter is engineered to counter the challenges posed by iron content in water, which leads to yellowish and reddish-brown stains and a rotten-egg smell. The Exilon Iron Remover effectively oxidizes water and removes dissolved iron, setting a new standard for water purity. Say goodbye to stains and unpleasant odors, and experience the transformation as your household enjoys the benefits of iron-free, crystal-clear water for all your daily needs.

Common Questions

Yes. This helps in assessing the specific iron content and other impurities in your water, allowing us to tailor the installation and configuration of the Iron Removal Filter to best address your water quality needs. A lab test ensures a more precise and effective solution for your unique water conditions.

Our comprehensive sizing assessment considers factors such as water usage, flow rates, and the specific iron content in your water. This meticulous analysis enables us to recommend an Exilon Iron Removal Filter system tailored precisely to meet your unique requirements.

Regular backwashing, as advised by us, is essential for clearing accumulated impurities, ensuring the proper functioning and prolonged life of the iron removal filter. This maintenance task can be easily performed by the user.

Yes, we offer Bajaj Finserv and Creditcard EMI options for eligible customers, providing a convenient and flexible payment solution for acquiring our filters.

Enjoy crystal-clear water for all your household needs

Say goodbye to stains, odors, and the hassle of iron-related issues
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