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A solar water heater harnesses renewable energy from the sun to operate efficiently. The system utilizes solar collectors to absorb solar energy, which is then transferred to an insulated tank for storing hot water. During sunny periods, the water in the collectors heats up, and through the thermosyphon principle, it is automatically pumped or flowed to the storage tank, ensuring a continuous supply of heated water. This stored hot water becomes a valuable resource, available for use during the night and early morning, providing uninterrupted access to warmth.


Common Questions

Solar water heaters harness sunlight to heat water. Solar collectors absorb solar energy, which is then transferred to an insulated tank for storage. The thermosyphon principle or a pump system circulates the heated water for daily use.

Solar water heaters offer cost savings, environmental sustainability, and energy independence. They are low maintenance, use a renewable energy source, and often come with government incentives.

The size of the solar water heater depends on factors such as the number of occupants, hot water usage patterns, and local climate. A professional assessment can determine the most suitable system size for your specific needs.

Solar water heaters typically have low maintenance requirements. Regular cleaning of solar collectors is  recommended.

Yes, solar water heaters can still generate heat on cloudy days, although their efficiency may be reduced.

The payback period varies depending on factors such as system cost, usage patterns, and energy savings.

No, the installation of a solar water heater is typically a job for Exilon professionals. Exilon quote for solar water heater shall be inclusive of transporting and professional installation.

Yes, we offer Bajaj Finserv and Creditcard EMI options for eligible customers, providing a convenient and flexible payment solution for acquiring our solar water heaters.

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