Exilon Clinsta Commercial Water Purifiers

Bulk Refreshment: Pure and Tasty Water Solutions for Cafeterias, Restaurants and Food Industries

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Commercial Water Purifiers

Exilon Clinsta Commercial Water Purifiers: Ideal for cafeterias, small and large restaurants, hospitals, the food and beverage industry, and other sectors with a high demand for pure water. Unlike standard home filters, these purifiers are designed to handle large volumes of water, ensuring it’s not only pure but also boasts an amazing taste. Going beyond the removal of impurities, they enhance the natural qualities of water, guaranteeing a consistently superior customer experience. The ripple effect extends to the improved taste of food and beverages, ultimately elevating the overall quality of the end product.



Exilon Clinsta 25 LPH Commercial Water Purifier


Exilon Clinsta 50 LPH Commercial Water Purifier


Exilon Clinsta 100 LPH Commercial Water Purifier

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