Exilon Clinsta 25 LPH

Elevate Culinary Excellence: Pure Water Innovation for Cafeterias, Restaurants, and Food Industries.

MRP: ₹ 21000

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Supreme Purity

Exilon Clinsta 25 LPH Water Purifier utilizes advanced multistage purification, incorporating cutting-edge RO technology to ensure that each drop of water attains an exceptional level of purity.

Diverse Applications

This Exilon Clinsta 25 LPH purifier is designed to make water suitable for various applications, including in the preparation of food, beverages, and other scenarios where pure water is essential.

Compact Design and Easy Installation

With its compact design, the Clinsta 25 LPH offers a space-efficient solution for your water purification needs. The easy installation ensures a hassle-free setup with convenience.

Customization Options

The on-demand UltraViolet Sterilization option ensures an extra layer of protection, making it a comprehensive solution for those seeking an enhanced water purification.

Optional Storage Tank

The Clinsta 25 LPH Water Purifier's optional storage tank feature enables you to store purified water, ensuring a readily available supply for all your needs. This makes it an ideal solution for commercial settings.

Warranty and Support

The Exilon Clinsta 25 LPH Water Purifier comes with a one-year warranty, supported by our dedicated customer support team. We're here to assist you throughout your ownership.

Enhance Your Water for Safe and Flavorful Food & Drinks

Ensure Pure Water for Your Cafeteria, Restaurants, and Other Food Industries
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